CORE3H - Multi 10GE processing board

The CORE3H provides a higly flexible and powerful FPGA environment to process sampled data and produce output on a multichannel 10GE platform.

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CORE3H - Multi 10GE FPGA processing board

Input bus: HSI & HSI2 • Input sampling representation: 8-10 bit • Input bandwidth : 1 x 4GHz, 2 x 2GHz,4 x 1GHz • Processing capability: DCS, DDC/PFB • Max Output: 8 x 10GE SFP+ • Inter-board bus: 8 Input 10GE SFP+ • Compatibility with existing DBBC environment

The CORE3H is a hghly flexible FPGA board equipped with a large number (max. 8) of 10GE transceivers ports to input/output a very large high data rate to be processed with mathematical operations and for elaboration or data process. Data input can be also coming from ADB3L sampler boards through a dedicated and proprietary data bus. Interfacing with external processors are possible so as implementation of microprocessor internal implementation. Support for development is available by our team when required.


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