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HAT-Lab s.r.l. was funded in 2009 as a INAF (Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica) spin-off company. At the time of the company foundation mission was to produce and continue the development of the DBBC (Digital Base Band Converter) system, a digital back-end endorsed by the European VLBI network, and adopted as digital processing unit in the radio-telescopes worldwide.

The ‘EVN DBBC Project’, as was named, evolved since then as a very flexible environment with a family of systems and components to accomplish existing and new observation capabilities to observe astronomic, geodetic and space science targets with interferometric or single-dish methods. The newest microwave and digital processing technologies are adopted to update the existing systems around the world and to develop new systems and elements which allows to broaden the observed radio frequency band and increase at still higher data rate the data processing.

This allows to significantly improve the radio-telescope sensitivity and perform higher precision data handling for a more accurate scientific result. In the last years HAT-Lab was developing a research center on the slope of the Etna volcano in Sicily dedicated to new antennas study and radio systems production.


The state of the art VLBI digital front- and back-end is under development. A bandwidth up to 256 GHz can be covered for radiostronomy and general physiscs research. AI is for the first time available in a VLBI instrument. Be tuned ....


An astonishing band is covered!


It actually makes a different VGOS observation! Covering the full VGOS band up to 14 GHz with a single sampling process it makes a difference because no phase interruptions in the entire band are anymore present. Output can go to the DBBC3 or dirctly to the VLBI recorder.


 Covering a 6 GHz band in the range up to 40 GHz any receiver up to the Q band can now get digital without frequency conversion and be directly connected to the correlator or a Flexbuffer.

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VGOS broad-band VLBI system


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